Synthetic vs. Whole Food Vitamins

  The difference between synthetic vitamins and whole food vitamins is, essentially, the difference between something that's living and something that's dead. Don’t be fooled when the word “natural” is used on a label. It has no specific definition other than the substance can be found somewhere in the universe.   The words to look for are “Whole Food Vitamins”. This means vitamins as they are found in food that was delivered by Mother Nature. They are untampered with in any way that would … [Read more...]

Breezing Through Spring Allergy Season

While some of us jump for joy with the arrival of spring, others greet it with dread. The warmer weather brings torture for many allergy and asthma sufferers.  But the good news is that your diet can help relieve allergy and asthma symptoms.   While most allergy sufferers reach for a prescription, proper nutrition can make a dramatic difference.   Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma, you must reduce inflammation in your body. If, for example, you have yeast or mold … [Read more...]

Know Your Fats

You've probably heard a few mixed reviews on fats that are good for your health and fats that you should avoid. This is what we recommend when it comes to healthy fats. For Cooking: - Butter - Tallow and Suet from beef and lamb - Lard from pigs - Chicken, goose, and duck fat - Coconut Oil *Use organic, pasture-raised animal fats whenever possible. For Salads and Unheated Dishes: - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (also OK for cooking) - Expeller-Expressed sesame and peanut oils - … [Read more...]