GMO Name Game Revealed

Starting January 1 of this year, the new GMO labeling rules went into effect.   Sorry, we mean “bioengineered” labeling, the term the government and industry chose to obfuscate the issue and confuse consumers. Obfuscation and confusion were the chief goal of these new rules, as they allow companies to “label” their foods with a QR code that consumers need to scan to see if a food contains genetically modified ingredients. The rule represents a major capitulation to industry and a loss for … [Read more...]

Lather, Rinse, Repeat?

Our skin can be like a sponge!  It readily absorbs much of what it comes in contact with.   Unlike food that is broken down by saliva and digestive enzymes, chemicals can be absorbed right through the skin without the aid of enzymes.  They go directly into your bloodstream.  They can then wreak havoc throughout your body and can be toxic to the liver, kidneys and other organs.   Many of us don't realize the potential danger we put ourselves in every day when we use personal care … [Read more...]

Marketing Trickery

When buying processed foods (which we don't recommend) be wary of marketing tricks.  Typical things you may see on the front of the box: Naturally flavored Contains real herbs Made with pure sea salt Zero trans fats per serving Contains whole wheat Pay no attention to that wording. Instead, turn the package over and read the total ingredients (usually the smallest print on the package.) Remember, the majority of what is in the package is listed in the first three ingredients. … [Read more...]