5 Foods to Reduce Sugar Cravings

Sugar is a contributing factor to many diseases. It causes aging, obesity, and is incredibly addictive. A growing number of people who strive for good health will limit or eliminate their sugar consumption. We recommend that all patients remove refined sugar from their diet, and acknowledge that, like quitting any other addition, it can be a very difficult process. Here are a few healthy food alternatives that can help you cut the sugar cravings!   1. Cinnamon -  Cinnamon is excellent … [Read more...]

Avoid These 7 Foods for a Healthier New Year!

Most food nowadays is far from pure. Between pesticides, fungicides, food additives, chemicals from packaging, and more - the average American diet is loaded with harmful substances. In fact, according to a study by the Environmental Working Group, there are 287 toxins already present in the average newborn's blood. Cut these 7 foods from your diet in 2016 to limit your exposure to toxins. 1. Canned Tomatoes: The majority of canned tomatoes on the market today contain bisphenol-A (BPA) in the … [Read more...]