2021 Clean Fifteen List

  Whether organic or conventionally grown, fruits and vegetables are critical components of a healthy diet. However, many crops contain potentially harmful pesticides, even after washing, peeling or scrubbing, which the USDA does before testing each item. Since pesticide contamination varies by crop, it is important to understand which items are most or least contaminated. Tests from the Environmental Working Group determined the following items to be the Clean Fifteen for … [Read more...]

7 Simple Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet

  Good eating habits are crucial to nourishing and restoring your body, but sticking to a clean eating plan isn't always easy! Foods loaded with fat, sugar, salt, and additives are appealing and addictive. Here are a few tips to stick to a healthy diet.   1. Start with Realistic Expectations Don't plan on cutting out sugar or wheat from your diet all at once. Instead, set achievable goals to slowly taper off. This will give you time to figure out which alternative options … [Read more...]