How to Ask the Right Questions at a Farmer’s Market

Though farmers markets have a reputation for selling locally and sustainably grown food, "greenwashing" is still common. Some sellers buy industrial produce at wholesale prices and pass the off as homegrown. Unregulated terms, such as "natural" and "no-spray," imply more than they mean. To cut through the confusion, The Cornucopia Institute, a farm- and food-policy research group, has developed a comprehensive guide that equips shoppers to do a background check on vendors. The guide provides … [Read more...]

Spring Picks from the Michigan Farmers Market

Most Michigan farmers markets are now open for the season. Have you visited one yet? Next time you're out shopping for fresh, local produce, try finding these 5 superfoods! 1) Strawberries - Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and low in calories, fresh strawberries are truly a "sweet" snack. They usually become available in mid-May and have a short season, so get them while you can! *Note: Strawberries are on the "dirty dozen" list. Always choose organic. 2) Mushrooms - April and May … [Read more...]