My thyroid TSH was a 6.7 (normal is .47 to 4.53). After 2 to 3 months under Dr. Sowerby’s guidance my current TSH is currently 5.3. After a few weeks I did start feeling better but did not know my TSH level until I returned to the D.D. 2 to 3 months into treatment with Dr. Sowerby.

I feel better, I am more aware of my diet and am starting to choose more of the right things and less of the bad things to eat. It seems like I sleep a little better and my general health feels better. I have already recommended Dr. Sowerby to others!

D.D. ~ Bruce Twp.


I did not have much energy, my arthritis was bad, I could not lose weight and I had heartburn. I had no energy or strength to walk long distance, my blood pressure was high and I had an underactive thyroid that I did not know about.

Since coming to see Dr. Sowerby I feel much healthier, I have a lot more energy, my arthritis is milder, I’m losing weight and the thyroid vitamins are helping me a lot. I’m walking long distance, my heartburn is not as bad and I’m hoping my blood pressure is going down. I recommend Dr. Sowerby highly to others!

C.P. ~ Waterford


After just a few weeks [on Nutrition Response Testing] my levels had increased tremendously and I was not struggling all day to stay awake at work.  I felt rested with even less sleep.  One morning my husband even commented on how awake I seemed knowing I had gone to bed late the night before.

I no longer need coffee in the afternoon to keep myself going.  My indigestion has also decreased.  Dr. Sowerby found that I was sensitive to dairy and soy, so I began cutting those items out of my diet.  Normally within 30 minutes of eating a meal my stomach would be in knots.  However, I noticed within weeks that I was having less and less indigestion after meals.

E.B. ~ Ferndale

I was diagnosed with a hypo thyroid and had been on a prescription for 10 years.  I was tired, lethargic, completely exhausted, drained and lacked energy.

After I came to Dr. Sowerby the change was like night and day!

I wake up refreshed and am mentally alert.

I feel so much better!

J.D. ~ Troy

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2000 and started taking Armour Thyroid.  I was always tired, in spite of getting 8 hours of sleep every night.

I tried to eat better, but I knew I couldn’t make a difference with food alone.  Sometimes making dinner was all I could do in the evening before going to bed.  My social life suffered.

I came to see Dr. Sowerby and started a Nutrition Response Testing program.  Within just a few visits I found I had more energy and it was easier to get to sleep.  After three or four months on my program I do not need Armour anymore and I feel great!

People at work ask what I am doing and say I look so good.  Now when friends call I’m ready to go out!

L.D. ~ Rochester Hills

I felt like death warmed over.  I had no energy and was completely lethargic as a result of hypothyroidism.   I was existing day to day, not living.

I had to quit my job because I was so exhausted and physically weak.  I would sleep all weekend.

I received treatment from many medical doctors but was still so physically fatigued I couldn’t even drive.  The doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

Then I started to see Dr. Sowerby.  I noticed a difference about 2 weeks after starting my (Nutrition Response Testing) program.  I am able to perform routine daily duties, as well as participate in occasional extracurricular activities with energy and enthusiasm!

My memory has improved and I now have color to my complexion and sparkle in my eyes.  My husband is pleased with my improvement.

M.M. ~ Royal Oak