Neck Pain

Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had a stiff neck, sore back and I had trouble walking.  I found it difficult to play sports and running was not easy.  I tried weight lifting, saw another chiropractor and took ibuprofen for the pain, all with little success.
Then I came to see Dr. Sowerby and in the second week of treatment everything loosened up.  Now I feel good and have no pain in my back.  I feel I can do anything.  I don’t get stiff after sports or a long day at work.
B.C. ~ Warren

Approximately seven years ago I was bothered with sinus headaches and various problems in my lower back, neck and shoulders.
I started chiropractic care with Dr. Sowerby, and within 3-4 weeks there was great relief in my shoulders and back.
In my line of work, there is great strain, especially on my neck.  A trip to the clinic relieves all those kinks and pain.
Now I visit the clinic regularly or if I need care in between – no more living with unnecessary pain for days!
A.C. ~ New Buffalo

I started going to a chiropractor because one morning as I was sleeping I went to roll over and something popped in my neck.  The pain was excruciating.  I could not turn my head to the right.  I called Dr. Sowerby and Sharon got me in right away.
I felt a little better immediately.  I knew I had a back and neck problem before, but I just thought it would eventually go away and there would be no need to see a chiropractor.  Boy was I wrong!
In a way, I’m glad this happened to me, because now I’m getting my back and neck fixed instead of dealing with the pain.  I feel so much better!
I can now stand on my feet for a while, and my back and neck don’t hurt.  I found relief about two weeks after I started seeing Dr. Sowerby.  I was so impressed that I decided to get the problems corrected instead of just relieving the symptoms.
I enjoy going to a chiropractor.  I feel relieved and I feel so much better after every visit.  Everyone at Dr. Sowerby’s office is so wonderful.  I’m glad I was referred there.
B.H. ~ New Buffalo