I was struggling with pain in my left leg and lower back.  It had progressed to a point where it was affecting my twice annual golf trip.  There was morning stiffness and a tired, dragging feeling after the usual thirty six holes.

Since starting with Dr. Sowerby, my general every day motion has improved.  I noticed a higher energy level which helps in my busy insurance business.

My golf game has improved, the morning after stiffness and that tired, dragging feeling is gone!  I didn’t feel “awful” when I started chiropractic care, but I feel so much better now!

W.P. ~ Rochester Hills

Three years ago I slipped on some ice, fell and hit my head. I had back pain, headaches and leg pain.  I walked daily and I went to physical therapy, but was not experiencing any improvements.  When I was done with physical therapy the therapist told me to go and “Have a happy life”.  How could I when I still had headaches and back pain?

I had become resigned to living with the pain.

My son was having great success with his chiropractic visits with Dr. Sowerby.  He encouraged me to come meet him to see if he could help.
I felt so hopeful after my first meeting with Dr. Sowerby.  I started coming in and noticed improvements right away.

Even my friend noticed changes in my mobility.

Before coming to Dr. Sowerby my social life had diminished.  There were no lunch dates with friends because I was not up to it.  Now I don’t even think about the pain I had and I continue to be hopeful for the future.

N.D. ~ Troy


I’ve had a lifetime problem with restless legs.  I couldn’t sleep at night because of ache and tightness in the back of my calves.


Dr. Sowerby put me on a program and the first night I noticed I slept better.

My husband doesn’t have to massage my legs every night because they aren’t tight anymore!
J.T. ~ Shelby Township

Prior to coming to see Dr. Sowerby, I had been suffering with pain in my right leg and lower back for three weeks.   Long term standing was uncomfortable.  Sitting and driving as well had become uncomfortable due to the shooting leg pains.

I had tried personal exercise and stretching to alleviate the problem.  At a business meeting, Dr. Sowerby suggested I stop in to see him.  Within one and a half weeks into my program I noticed considerable change.

My lower back pain has been reduced; my right leg pain is greatly diminished.  I am more comfortable and would recommend the doctor to anyone suffering with the same problem.

F.S. ~ Rochester Hills