I had 30 years of alternating constipation and diarrhea!  I always had to be close to a bathroom.
My medical doctor told me I had IBS.
I felt better within a week of starting my [Nutrition Response Testing] program.
Now I feel really good, I haven’t felt this good in 30 years!
G.H. ~ Clinton Township

I am a retired 61 year old male who has been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for about 40 years.  I would frequently feel the need to have a sudden and uncontrollable bowel movement, usually diarrhea, within a few minutes of eating a meal.  For me this condition was more of an embarrassment than it was a serious medical condition, and I never did much about it.  I suspect that many others feel the same way.
In 1996, during my annual physical examination, I discussed my condition with our MD at work.  He prescribed some pills, which he told me to take when I felt an attack coming on.  However, my attacks would come on so quickly and with such little warning that the prescription offered little help for my condition, so I stopped using it.
In May 2006, I came to Clear Choice for successful treatment of lower back pain.  After discovering I had a low adrenal function, I decided to try the complete Nutrition Response Testing, and began a Clinical Nutrition Program.  The first of my health issues that Dr. Sowerby chose to address was my Irritable Bowel problems.
I would have to say that I did not receive immediate relief for my problem.  But after a few visits, re-testing and some adjustments in my nutritional supplements, things got noticeably better.  My attacks have decreased from about 3 or 4 a week to less than one a week and are far less sudden than in the past.  Although I don’t feel 100% cured, at this time, from my almost life long condition I do feel much progress and improvement has been made.  This improvement has made my life much better, especially for those dining out times.
I suspect that many others may suffer from the inconvenience of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and do little about it, as I did.  If you are tired of living with this problem, I would strongly suggest that you talk to Dr. Sowerby about Nutrition Response Testing and try a Clinical Nutrition Program.
B.W. ~Troy

It was really tough for me to get through the day.  I was so fatigued.  I had really bad cramps and was often constipated.  I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome 15 years ago and acid reflux was diagnosed five years ago.

I found it hard to take care of myself.  I had taken vitamins and nothing seemed to help.  I had no energy and my body seemed weighed down.

I came to see Dr. Sowerby and started a Nutrition Response Testing program.  Within two weeks of starting I felt a big difference.  After one month I felt about 80% better.  I feel like I can do more during the day.  Days are not a challenge.  It is good!

My husband noticed a difference.  I am not complaining about being tired and feeling bad.  My mother commented that she could see I was doing better.  My son also remarked about how much better I was doing when he was home from college.

I feel like I think I am supposed to.  I feel like I felt when I was 20!  I tell everyone about Dr. Sowerby.

C.G. ~ Shelby Township

After I was involved in a car accident I went to physical therapy, but when they released me the pain persisted.  The pain and stiffness got so bad I could barely move my neck.  Driving became almost impossible since I couldn’t turn my head to see traffic.  I was taking Ibuprofen, Darvocet and muscle relaxants.  It took a long time for them to work, sometimes days!  And what relief I got was only temporary.

My neighbor told about Dr. Sowerby and said that he might be able to help me with the pain.  I came to Dr. Sowerby and he started getting my neck back in order.  I was nervous at first but he explained things so I always knew what was going on.  After beginning treatment I soon found I could move my neck more easily and with less and less pain.

I had also been going to another doctor for more than 4 years for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I was given fiber supplements and medicine, but the pain and bloating continued.

Dr. Sowerby told me he might be able to help me.  Then I did a Diet Diary and a Symptom Survey and he did some testing on me.  Based on that, I was put on a personalized nutritional program that included diet changes and therapeutic doses of some natural supplements.  Soon after I felt better than I had in years.

Now I tell all of my friends how good I feel!  Thank you, Dr. Sowerby!

D.W. ~ Bloomfield Hills