Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had:

  • Daily heartburn
  • Hot flashes
  • Daily heart palpitations
  • Restless sleep
  • Up in the middle of the night because of the above symptoms!


  • Rare, if any, heartburn
  • Rare hot flashes
  • Symptoms not waking me up at night so I sleep through the night!
  • feel better than I have in 10 years!

J.O. ~ Sterling Heights

When I first met Dr. Sowerby I explained to him that I had this unwanted condition in one of my lungs where I consistently felt this was the weakest area of my body.  Whenever I had any sort of a “bug” it always seemed to affect my lung, and it never fully went away.

Dr. Sowerby did his muscle testing on me of different organs, etc. and discovered that the weakest area was testing out to be the heart.  As I had never heard such a thing I was surprised but agreed that it could very well be that.  So, I began my regimen of taking supplements and getting the adjustments that Dr. Sowerby provided.

After a few days on a new supplement I really felt that it was working on the correct problem, but I felt a little discomfort over the heart area.  I was concerned but I also knew that I was taking whole food supplements.  I know that different symptoms can turn on as the body is healing, so I continued on the exact program the doctor had put together for me.

After two days I began to feel more energetic.  After about a week I realized that I had not felt this good physically in a long, long time, perhaps even years!

I now feel that my lung situation is nearly resolved.  I am continuing on the program in that I take supplements regularly and continue my occasional adjustments and now I feel that I am better and better.  I am strong and feel I have the energy back that is energy that I had long ago.

M.B. ~ Livonia

I had various digestive problems – gas, etc.  I had concerns about my heart and was having dizzy spells.

My family doctor wanted to do extensive testing.  I came to Dr. Sowerby and he found that I was very allergic to wheat and that was related to my heart.  Awareness of my white rice allergy has eliminated some occasional distress related to that.

I gave up eating wheat and not only did my heart symptoms go away but a long-time runny nose became normal.  I also lost weight!

My energy levels are very good, even my posture is better!

D.B. ~ Grand Blanc