I first came to Dr Sowerby with a lower back problem.  I was having excruciating pain that kept me from sleeping for several days. Having had chiropractic adjustments before I knew that it would not be long before I was out of pain.  After the first visit the pain was virtually gone and I had a good night’s sleep that very night.

I decided to go with the Nutrition Response Testing program to just get in better shape.   Dr. Sowerby put me on a personalized program and soon found I was sleeping better and had more energy.  I also was getting back in control of a bursitis problem in my right shoulder.

Then earlier this year I was feeling a pain in my left big toe. I had felt twinges occasionally in the previous couple years like this and had wondered if I may have gout which was something my father suffered from. I never gave it much thought as the pain never lasted more than a few minutes but now it was not going away. It really started to hurt so I went in to see Dr. Rick. He tested me and made some changes to my nutritional program to handle it and I felt some relief.  It actually felt worse before it got better, but I just kept with the program and suddenly it dissipated a bit and then soon went away to the point my toe was great and my mobility had returned.

This was a great relief because I had of course done some research on the internet and read with horror the long sufferings people wrote of concerning gout. Indeed my brother reminded me of how my father had long suffered from it. At one point his doctor had considered amputating his toe. Well, none of that for me. My toe is feeling great and I am certain we can keep it this way.

I was not totally in the clear yet as one night I woke with a problem I had only slightly  suffered from years earlier which was an extremely painful hemorrhoid. Never had I experienced this discomfort!
I got in to see Dr. Rick and he tested me again and gave me some supplements which   soon eased the pain and in a couple days the problem was nearly gone and shortly after was no problem at all. I did however notice and overall improvement in my digestion and all that goes with that. I have not had a problem with that since.

These problems are all under control if not non-existent now and at no time did I take any medications or pain pills or any drugs of any kind.

A.T. ~ Berkley

I had been going to the hospital emergency for painful swollen feet only to be given a shot of something that gave me a quick pain relief. 

My progress with Dr. Sowerby’s drugless method has been tremendously helpful. He found toxins in my system and advised me on what to take to rid me these toxins.

I am now much better than when I started back in March. The whole body method of healing is better than trying to heal only one at a time with drugs.  Gout no longer bothers me.  My heart rate is stable and my energy is greatly increased! 

J.V. ~ Detroit