I came to see Dr. Sowerby because my body was responding to the effects of stress and tightness and quivers in my chest.  Other concerns were vertigo, itchiness on my scalp and face, dry eyes, hair loss, and flatulence when eating dairy products.  I also got sleepy in the mid-afternoon.
My medical doctor referred me to an ophthalmologist who gave me eye drops.  The drops relieved the dryness, but there was still soreness in the backs of my eyes. The doctor said my heart was normal but I was still concerned.  I changed a bra size in an effort to relieve the pressure and the quivers.
I started the Nutrition Response Testing program to address my health concerns.  The first month into my program was rough.  The palpitations seemed worse, but after that I began to feel better.
I knew the importance of staying with the program.  The itching has subsided and my hair loss is normal.  Dizziness is no longer an issue and the heart flutters are almost gone.  The soreness in my eyes is a thing of the past!  I have stopped using the eye drops.  Now I feel refreshed and balanced inside. 
C.C. ~ Farmington Hills

I used to buy the cheap glasses from the drugstore and I kept them in every room.  I wouldn’t be able to read the menus in restaurants and I had a hard time reading documents that I had to sign.
I began doing [Nutrition Response Testing] and now I don’t need those glasses at all!  I am so happy!
M.B. ~ Detroit