I constantly had sinus headaches, was lacking in energy and I didn’t always sleep well throughout the night.

I came to Dr. Sowerby and he helped me to eat the correct foods without sugar and now I have more energy.

It is only very seldom that I have sinus problems or headaches.   I am sleeping better at night and I feel more rested!

G.K. ~Shelby Township


I had no major complaints.  I was diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol.  I was given a prescription for high blood pressure, but did not want to take it.  I wanted to remain chemical free.  I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and the doctor that I had visited offered no help or suggestions.

Soon after coming to Dr. Sowerby I realized my knuckles didn’t hurt like they had before.  I cleaned up my diet, stopped eating sugar and found out that wheat can be an issue and contributed to my symptoms.

I feel terrific!  I am energized.  My issues are not chopping me down.  I feel I have a purpose that was not there before.  My mood swings are much less and I know what to do.

J.M. ~Bloomfield Hills



Dr.  Sowerby is simply amazing.  I met him at Whole Foods when he was giving a seminar.

After seeing him, I saw a definite difference.  The difference was not only physical, but also emotional.  I have more energy than I have had in twenty years.  And that was just the beginning.  I can think and focus better.  I can make decisions more easily and enjoy friendships more.  Friends and family say I look different.  I am able to give more of myself.  I am less reactive to my children.  I became more present with people.

I am now able to sit down more with my children and play with them.  I am amazed at these changes in me!

I am so thankful to have met Dr. Sowerby’s staff.  They really care about me and my welfare. They are professional and friendly.  I thank this team for my new life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

R.S. ~ Rochester

Before I came here I thought I was doing fine, but now that I see Dr. Sowerby regularly I have more energy.  Definitely more energy!

I had many different injuries from a variety of accidents.  Now with chiropractic treatment I can swing my leg over my motorcycle and before I couldn’t do that.  I don’t need to take breaks anymore.  I am more flexible than I was before.

My wife has noticed that I move faster and easier.

R.P. ~ Troy 

I was taking vitamins and exercising but my hair was falling out, neck adjustments wouldn’t hold, and my feet were rough.

I came to see Dr. Sowerby and started a Nutrition Response Testing program.  Before my second visit I noticed I was feeling better.   Soon I noticed that my hair was not falling out as much.

I lost weight without trying, added more protein to my diet and cut down on grains.  I eat less fast foods, less sugar and exercise more.  Now I have more energy!

I have a lot of energy now.  I went dancing, stayed out late and didn’t hurt at all!  “Sit down, relax” — that’s what people are telling me now.

I am stronger now.  I even changed the water bottle on the cooler at work!

I am very happy with my results!

D.H. ~ Eastpointe

Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had digestive issues, I was cold and my energy was low.  Within 6 weeks I noticed a change for the better .

Now I feel strong!  I have had a 1000% improvement with my digestive issues!    I am warmer, I sleep better and my energy is good.

I absolutely recommend Dr. Sowerby!

N.B. ~ Bloomfield Hills

I started seeing Dr. Sowerby last fall after I received my blood work    results from my gynecologist indicating that I had hypothyroidism.  My mother has had problems with her thyroid for years and explained how terrible thyroid medications were and how they caused your thyroid to stop working.  I did not want to take that route with medications since I am only 30 years old and refuse to take a pill the rest of my life for my thyroid.

I went to one of Dr. Sowerby’s thyroid seminars and decided to make an appointment to see if he could help my thyroid.

I also had issues with lack of energy and indigestion that I hoped could also be addressed.

After just a few weeks [on Nutrition Response Testing] my levels had increased tremendously and I was not struggling all day to stay awake at work.  I felt rested with even less sleep.  One morning my husband even commented on how awake I seemed knowing I had gone to bed late the night before.

I no longer need coffee in the afternoon to keep myself going.  My indigestion has also decreased.  Dr. Sowerby found that I was sensitive to dairy and soy, so I began cutting those items out of my diet.  Normally within 30 minutes of eating a meal my stomach would be in knots.  However, I noticed within weeks that I was having less and less indigestion after meals.

E.B. ~ Ferndale

I was feeling terrible.  I didn’t have much energy and was in quite a bit of pain.  I was not able to walk or exercise.  Then I started seeing Dr. Sowerby.

I noticed improvement in my condition after about the 2nd visit of my program.  The supplements are really working!

I have no trouble walking now and have a lot more energy, and overall am feeling good.   I can get right out of bed and am ready to go in the morning.

Since starting my Nutrition Response Testing program, I am eating a lot differently and watch my diet.   I have lost about 25 lbs.   I have even had to buy myself new slacks!

M.S. ~ Midland