I had a list of things I wanted to work on when I came to Dr. Sowerby –

  • High blood pressure (it would spike even though I was on medication)
  • Weight loss
  • Snoring
  • Overall sick feeling most of the time
  • Getting up many times in the night to use the bathroom

Now, after beginning my nutrition program less than 6 weeks ago, I have lost 15 lbs.; I sleep better and I don’t have to get up to use the bathroom AND my blood pressure is normal!

For the first time in a long time I feel like my body is in balance and my digestive system is better!

B.C. ~ Auburn Hills

After eating I would have indigestion, gas and bloating.  I was constipated and suffered from low energy.  I was tired by early evening!

I was also tired from the medication I took for my allergies.

I came to Dr. Sowerby and he got me started on a nutrition program.  Now I have no more bloating or constipation.  My energy has improved and no more sneezing, watery eyes or drainage from allergies!

L.R. ~ Madison Heights

Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had high cholesterol and high sugar.  I had some digestive problems along with some allergies and asthma.

Now my cholesterol is down, my sugar is under control and my digestive problems are getting better.

The most significant improvement I have had is with my allergies and asthma.  This year I would not have known it was hay fever season except for other people’s complaints!  And, I haven’t used my asthma inhaler once since I began coming to Dr. Sowerby.

J.K. ~ Shelby Township

Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had digestive issues, I was cold and my energy was low.  Within 6 weeks I noticed a change for the better .

Now I feel strong!  I have had a 1000% improvement with my digestive issues!    I am warmer, I sleep better and my energy is good.

I absolutely recommend Dr. Sowerby!

N.B. ~ Bloomfield Hills

When I first came to see Dr. Sowerby, I was experiencing various digestive problems.  Also, I had problems including swelling, tingling and burning pain in my fingers and toes.  I noticed immediate improvement in my fingers and toes after beginning a Nutrition Response Testing program.  My digestive issues improved gradually within a couple of months.  I have also seen improvement in the rosacea that has developed in recent years.

My physical health has greatly improved my quality of life:  I sleep better at night, have more energy during the day, my pain has decreased significantly, and my digestion is improved.

I have come to see Dr. Sowerby on several occasions when I have had a cold or the flu.  My symptoms were significantly reduced and my recovery time shortened by using the supplements recommended to me.

My daughter had a cold with a cough that had been going on for two weeks, keeping her awake every night.  I didn’t initially think about bringing her to see Dr. Sowerby because I was used to conventional doctors who want to dole out antibiotics to everyone.

However, at my routine visit, it was suggested that I bring her in.  I am glad I did because that very night, after starting supplements she tested for, she slept without a cough for the first time.

Ever since her visit, we have not hesitated to come in when we come down with something.  Unlike traditional medicine for the common cold or the flu, it works!

My husband and daughter also see Dr. Sowerby and are following a nutrition program.

J.O. ~ Rochester

Just wait until I tell my doctor [MD]!  He kept telling me it was all in my head!  I told him I would get bloated after eating.

It has only been one week and already I feel better.  I noticed a difference in just 2 days after starting [Nutrition Response Testing].

A.T. ~ Roseville

I had a skin rash on my left arm, my left ankle was swollen and I was also having trouble with bowel movements.

Shortly after starting a Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) program, my bowel movements significantly improved.  I have no bloating, abdominal cramping, or back pain.  Diet consultations have been of additional assistance.  I feel calmed and digestion of food has been greatly improved.

The skin rash is gone.  My swollen ankle reduced in size and continues to maintain its size in spite of a twelve hour workday schedule.

Would I recommend Dr. Sowerby to others?  Yes, without question!

B.R. ~Royal Oak

Before I started coming to Dr. Sowerby I had high blood pressure, stomach problems, pains and cramping, heartburn and acid reflux (GERD).

I always felt that the day was really long and that it would never end.  I was dragging!

I tried many supplements on my own but could not get any good results.  I was also taking many prescription drugs including high blood pressure medication.

After starting my [Nutrition Response Testing] program I now have more energy and I am able to do more!  I noticed improvement very fast.  It was by the third visit!  I no longer have to take my high blood pressure medication!

It’s been a great experience for me!

Z.T. ~ W. Bloomfield

I started seeing Dr. Sowerby last fall after I received my blood work    results from my gynecologist indicating that I had hypothyroidism.  My mother has had problems with her thyroid for years and explained how terrible thyroid medications were and how they caused your thyroid to stop working.  I did not want to take that route with medications since I am only 30 years old and refuse to take a pill the rest of my life for my thyroid.

I went to one of Dr. Sowerby’s thyroid seminars and decided to make an appointment to see if he could help my thyroid.

I also had issues with lack of energy and indigestion that I hoped could also be addressed.

After just a few weeks [on Nutrition Response Testing] my levels had increased tremendously and I was not struggling all day to stay awake at work.  I felt rested with even less sleep.  One morning my husband even commented on how awake I seemed knowing I had gone to bed late the night before.

I no longer need coffee in the afternoon to keep myself going.  My indigestion has also decreased.  Dr. Sowerby found that I was sensitive to dairy and soy, so I began cutting those items out of my diet.  Normally within 30 minutes of eating a meal my stomach would be in knots.  However, I noticed within weeks that I was having less and less indigestion after meals.

E.B. ~ Ferndale

When I first came to Dr. Sowerby, I had a bad case of Acid Reflux.  I could not eat many foods, my blood pressure was elevated and my feet would swell.

Since I have been under care, my acid reflux is almost 100% gone, my blood pressure is closer to normal and my feet do not swell nearly as much.

Thank you Dr. Sowerby for helping me!

V.W. ~ Auburn Hills

I decided to see Dr. Sowerby because I was sick and tired of daily indigestion and heartburn!

My heartburn made me feel weak, but I kept going in spite of not feeling good.

Three weeks after coming to see Dr. Sowerby [and starting Nutrition Response Testing], I felt tremendous relief!

I am 90% better!

P.S. ~ Clarkston