Allergies & Congestion

After eating I would have indigestion, gas and bloating.  I was constipated and suffered from low energy.  I was tired by early evening!

I was also tired from the medication I took for my allergies.

I came to Dr. Sowerby and he got me started on a nutrition program.  Now I have no more bloating or constipation.  My energy has improved and no more sneezing, watery eyes or drainage from allergies!

L.R. ~ Madison Heights

Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had high cholesterol and high sugar.  I had some digestive problems along with some allergies and asthma.

Now my cholesterol is down, my sugar is under control and my digestive problems are getting better.

The most significant improvement I have had is with my allergies and asthma.  This year I would not have known it was hay fever season except for other people’s complaints!  And, I haven’t used my asthma inhaler once since I began coming to Dr. Sowerby.

J.K. ~ Shelby Township

What Dr. Sowerby gave me for my congestion really worked!

He is a miracle worker!

P.N. ~ Shelby Township

I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  I have an EpiPen and I carried a spare bag of medications everywhere I went.  I had headaches and fatigue, and I always seemed to be hungry.  I took Benadryl daily to be able to breathe through my nose, and drank tons of coffee to deal with the sleepiness caused by the Benadryl.  I used nasal sprays constantly, and I developed an addiction to it.

After my first visit with Dr. Sowerby for Nutrition Response Testing, I went home and told my husband it seemed like a lot of hocus pocus.  I didn’t understand it all but I thought I should give it a try.

By my second visit, I had already noticed a positive change in how I felt.  I was able to eat a meal without having to use nasal spray for the first time in a very long time!  Now I am off the nasal sprays and the Benadryl!

My chronic allergy symptoms made me depressed because I was always sniffing and sneezing, and as a result I became a shut-in.  That has all changed and I go out now.  My depression is gone!

I have lost 12 pounds.  I am more aware now of what I am eating because I am filling out daily food intake records, but I exerted very little effort toward weight loss.

My brain fog is gone and I have stopped biting my nails.  The arthritic joints in my fingers used to ache but not any more.

Menopausal symptoms are much better.  My husband has noticed a big change in my moods and temperament.

I am always telling others about Dr. Sowerby!

D.D. ~ Houghton Lake

I had headaches and allergies.  I was tired of going to a regular doctor and taking medicine.  Over the counter allergy medicines didn’t work and made me tired.  Once I began coming to Dr. Sowerby it took just a few weeks for me to improve.

I haven’t been sick.  My headaches are less frequent.  My digestion has improved.  I have less heartburn.

My daughter had skin allergies.  Dr. Sowerby treated her and she hasn’t been sick since.

M.P. ~ Grand Blanc