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Health Education Events

The demand for alternative and natural healing is at an all time high.

More and more people want to regain their health without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and medications!

We offer FREE educational holisitic workshops to assist individuals like you that are looking for another way to heal.

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For more information on any of the following workshops check out our calendar.

Read on for descriptions of some of our most popular topics.

Dr. Richard K. Sowerby D.C., Clinical Nutritionist speaks on the following:

Basic Natural Health Seminar!

Tired of drugs?

Tired of treating symptoms?

Want to treat causes instead of symptoms? Come learn a holistic, natural approach to healing. We will demonstrate Nutrition Response TestingSM to show you how it naturally and effectively addresses health issues.

You don’t want to miss out on this very informative workshop!

Digestion Issues?

Don’t let digestion problems rule your life!

We will help you gain an understanding of some of the hidden causes to this problem.

Do you or someone you know suffer from…

Acid Reflux



Stomach Pain

Gas & Bloating

Alternating Diarrhea & Constipation

…then attend this exciting informative seminar!

The Amazing Thyroid!

Don’t settle for false solutions. Learn how to support this incredible gland.

Find out its link to…

Heart health

Digestive issues

Weight gain



And more

We will review natural, drugless ways to help restore its function.


Diabetes has gone beyond the epidemic stage and has reached pandemic levels.

Did you now that diabetes is preventable? Actually REVERSIBLE?

Attend this workshop and discover what traditional healthcare won’t tell you.

Allergy Alert! Quit Sniffling about it!

Why won’t your allergies go away? Do You Know?
Do you experience…


Watery eyes



Mental confusion or fatigue?

Attend this workshop and find out how these issues can relate to allergies.

Women’s Health

Concerned about hormonal balance? What’s safe & what’s not?

Concerns about…






…you are not alone!

Attend this important workshop and leave with answers!