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This offer, which is normally a $190 service, includes:

  • Physical exam 
  • One set of x-rays
  • Personal consultation with Dr. Sowerby

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    Welcome to Clear Choice Natural Healthcare

    Dr. Sowerby has more than 30 years of experience in natural health care. Because he stays up to date with the latest chiropractic procedures, he’s well-equipped to help with your aches and pains. His adjustments, which focus on realigning out-of-place joints, can help you conquer your back and neck pain by restoring balance to your body.

    When it comes to back, neck, and even shoulder aches and pains, Dr. Sowerby’s goal is to help you get back to everyday functioning as soon as possible. His process includes:

    • Locating the source of your pain
    • Chiropractic adjustments
    • Exercise recommendations

    But back, neck and shoulder pain is not all that Dr. Sowerby deals with. He can also help you with leg pain, hand or foot numbness, muscle spasms, painful joints, and much more!

    Get the $49 New Patient Exam Offer Today!

    Other Services

    Nutrition Response Testing®. Nutrition Response Testing® is a natural, non-invasive technique to discover and correct underlying health issues. 

    Free Education Seminars. Learn how to restore your health. Clear Choice Natural Healthcare offers a series of holistic workshops to help you find the keys to good health.

    Whole-Food Supplements. We offer Standard Process, whole-food-based supplements. No chemical ingredients are ever used.

    See What Our Patients Say

    “My Most Trusted Healthcare Provider.”

    “I have been seeing Dr Sowerby for over 12 years. I am 69 years old and I do not have to take any prescription medications. I credit the Nutritional Response Testing that Dr Sowerby does and I follow the nutritional program that the testing shows my body needs. I take the recommended supplements and follow the dietary guidelines, specific to me.

    “I also do live a healthy lifestyle as well in other aspects, so I am not roadblocking my gains.

    “I find Dr Sowerby to be caring and kind, and easy to talk to.
    “The various health issues that I have had over the years have been helped. In fact when something comes up, I get in to see him first, as my most trusted healthcare provider.”

    -MI, 5 stars

    “Dr. Sowerby Is My ‘Go-To’ Doc for Everything”

    “Dr. Sowerby is my ‘go-to’ Doc for everything from colds to physical ailments and is highly successful with treating my ailments with whole food supplements and keeping me feeling strong and healthy. I would highly recommend him. If you are feeling less than your best self, he can uncover foods or environmental factors that are impeding your overall health and well being. Chiropractic adjustments combined with nutrition are a blessing to me and have been for many years!”

    CS, 5 stars

    Get Your $49 New Patient Exam Today!