Countries All Over the World are Banning Atrazine. The U.S. Just Keeps Spraying.

  Independent scientists have long understood the unacceptable health risks of the pesticide atrazine.   A trove of well-documented research has linked the endocrine-disrupting weedkiller to birth defects, low sperm counts, and fertility problems.   So, it’s not surprising that the herbicide notorious for sticking around on landscapes and waterways long after it’s applied is now banned or being phased out in 44 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.   Yet here in the United States … [Read more...]

Very Rotten Rules

  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed a new rule for the standards around raising organic chickens. On the surface, it seems to be heading in the right direction; new provisions for living conditions, clarifications on existing requirements, and differentiations between avian and mammalian living conditions.   Under the surface, we find some very rotten rules.   A summary of them are:   Allowing porches with concrete floors to be counted as outdoor space Chickens … [Read more...]

The Fats You Need for a Healthy Diet

  Long before the dawn of agriculture, our ancestors spent 2.5 million years fine-tuning their metabolism and collective physiology to an opportunist’s diet that included everything from found or hunted meats and seafood to plants, insects and perhaps an occasional spot of honey. No doubt early humans feasted on plenty of leafy greens, nuts and other seeds as well as high-quality animal proteins and fats, all of which were loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Our scavenger … [Read more...]

Cinnamon – Surprises and Cautions

  Cinnamon has been beloved for as long back as we can look. It has such a lovely scent, packs a substantial medicinal punch and can be used, safely, on a regular basis.   The idea that cinnamon is associated with warmth isn’t coincidental. Herbalists around the globe use a system of energetics to ascribe traits to both human health and disease, as well as the herbal medicines which can be used to support them. We have herbs which are hot, cool, damp, dry, and anything in between. While … [Read more...]

PFAS in Michigan: What to know about the contaminant

  PFAS is Michigan's most widespread, serious contamination problem since the PBB crisis of the 1970s.   Thousands of Michigan residents' water supplies have been impacted, and the full scope of the contamination from these so-called "forever chemicals" is not yet known. Soil and surface waters are also contaminated in many places, and people's exposures may have come from consumer products in years past.   Here is information for understanding the problem, and what can be done about it:   What … [Read more...]

EWG Clean Fifteen Released for 2022

Whether organic or conventionally grown, fruits and vegetables are critical components of a healthy diet. However, many crops contain potentially harmful pesticides, even after washing, peeling or scrubbing, which the USDA does before testing each item. Since pesticide contamination varies by crop, it is important to understand which items are most or least contaminated. Tests from the Environmental Working Group determined the following items to be the Clean Fifteen for 2022.     EWG's Clean … [Read more...]

EWG Dirty Dozen Released for 2022

More than 70 percent of non-organic fresh produce sold in the U.S. contains residues of potentially harmful pesticides, The Environmental Working Group’s 2022 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce finds.   This year’s version of the guide, which analyzes the latest test data from the Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration, also reveals that over 50 percent of potatoes, spinach, lettuce and eggplant had detectable levels of at least one of three bee-killing neonic … [Read more...]

GMO Name Game Revealed

Starting January 1 of this year, the new GMO labeling rules went into effect.   Sorry, we mean “bioengineered” labeling, the term the government and industry chose to obfuscate the issue and confuse consumers. Obfuscation and confusion were the chief goal of these new rules, as they allow companies to “label” their foods with a QR code that consumers need to scan to see if a food contains genetically modified ingredients. The rule represents a major capitulation to industry and a loss for … [Read more...]

What to Eat When You’re Stressed

Your kids are yelling, the dog is barking, the phone is ringing and you’re pushing yourself to finish a project that was due yesterday. Balancing career with family is challenging enough, but when daily stressors are heightened by a serious medical diagnosis, financial hardship, or the added responsibility of caring for aging parents, life can feel unmanageable. While some stress is healthy and stimulating, chronic stress can be debilitating to your body, mind and spirit.   What we eat is … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Zinc

What is Zinc? Zinc is an important mineral that is found in many foods. It is an essential mineral that becomes more important depending on certain factors. For example, people who do not eat enough zinc-containing foods or who sweat a lot may have higher zinc requirements or be at risk for lower levels since zinc can be lost through sweat. Insulin resistance can also suppress the body’s zinc levels.Zinc is also important for healthy fetal growth and development during pregnancy, but also in … [Read more...]