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Cinnamon – Surprises and Cautions

  Cinnamon has been beloved for as long back as we can look. It has such a lovely scent, packs a substantial medicinal punch and can be used, safely, on a regular basis.   The idea that cinnamon is associated with warmth isn’t coincidental. Herbalists around the globe use a system of energetics to ascribe traits to both human health and disease, as well as the herbal medicines which can be used to support them. We have herbs which are hot, cool, … [Read More...]

Everything You Need to Know About Zucchini

  What Is Zucchini? Zucchini are members of the gourd family along with cucumbers, melons, and pumpkins (which are all fruits, botanically speaking, but regarded as vegetables when it comes to culinary use). They’re classified as summer squash because they’re harvested before they fully mature, while their skins are thin and tender and their seeds are small and edible. Yellow or crookneck squash—which has a bulbous base and thin, sometimes … [Read More...]

PFAS in Michigan: What to know about the contaminant

  PFAS is Michigan's most widespread, serious contamination problem since the PBB crisis of the 1970s.   Thousands of Michigan residents' water supplies have been impacted, and the full scope of the contamination from these so-called "forever chemicals" is not yet known. Soil and surface waters are also contaminated in many places, and people's exposures may have come from consumer products in years past.   Here is information for understanding … [Read More...]

Five Ways to Stay Hydrated Any Time of Year

Water is the primary chemical compound in our bodies, comprising over 60 percent of our body mass. Water plays such a key role in carrying nutrients to our cells and eliminating waste products that even low levels of dehydration can affect mental functioning and energy levels, and chronic dehydration can presage serious health consequences.   Consider some of the lesser-known signs of dehydration: arthritis back pain angina migraine … [Read More...]

Hip & Core Muscle Exercises for Hip & Low Back Pain

When it comes to the human body, an issue in one area can contribute to problems elsewhere. For example, one study found that three-in-five patients with femoroacetabular (hip) impingement also suffer from clinically significant low back pain, and increased disability in one location is associated with greater disability in the other.   When it comes to managing a patient with a musculoskeletal disorder of either the hip or low back, it’s often … [Read More...]