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6 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It is a day meant for celebration and spending time with loved ones. But for some, it can be stressful finding balance between their health goals and the abundance of food that often accompanies the day. So here are six tips for a healthy Thanksgiving.    1. Stay hydrated Sometimes when we feel hungry, our bodies are actually craving water. Therefore, ensuring we are properly hydrated throughout the day … [Read More...]

Blue Light has a Dark Side

  Although it is environmentally friendly, blue light can affect your sleep and potentially cause disease. Until the advent of artificial lighting, the sun was the major source of lighting, and people spent their evenings in (relative) darkness. Now, in much of the world, evenings are illuminated, and we take our easy access to all those lumens pretty much for granted.   But we may be paying a price for basking in all that light. At night, light … [Read More...]

Cutting Down the Noise

  When one spends time in nature, it can be surprising how quiet the world can be and just how much noise we’ve grown accustomed to in our day-to-day lives. But what we may not understand is that some noises can be more than a nuisance and can actually be harmful to health.   An article published in the journal Environmental Research reported that noisy environments—like living next to a highway—can increase the risk of severe stroke by … [Read More...]

Benefits of Sleep: Sleep Deeply, Live Longer

  If you woke up this morning feeling less than well rested, you’re not alone. No one is sure exactly how many of us spend our nights tossing and turning, but scientists estimate that somewhere between 10 percent to 34 percent of Americans suffer from insomnia. Our national lack of sleep amounts to big business for pharmaceutical companies, which spent more than $329 million in 2005 advertising prescription sleep aids (and it's getting worse). … [Read More...]

Risk Factors for Developing Neck Pain

  It’s estimated that about 1 in 6 American adults experience neck pain in a given three-month time frame. Neck pain is a major cause of work absenteeism, work-related injury, and reduced quality of life. While some risk factors for neck pain may be unavoidable, many are not.   A systematic review completed by a team of authors from the Department of Orthopedics at Duke University concluded that work requiring sustained and/or awkward postures … [Read More...]