10 Simple Self Care Snippets for the Holidays

1. Help others in need
’Tis the season to give. When people practice the act of giving, it uplifts their moods and offers a sense of purpose. If you can’t spare much time, that’s okay. Find an organization dedicated to carrying out a good deed on your behalf. If you have more than just minutes, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or put together care packages for nursing home patients.
2. Fill your home with uplifting scents
As you try to incorporate self-care acts into your everyday holiday schedule, remember to breathe in some festive and memorable fragrances. Scent can evoke powerful memories and intense emotions, and there’s nothing like finding a cozy and warm fragrance to fill your heart, such as Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine Room Freshener. Made with essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients, the pine-inspired scent will surround you with the spirit of the holidays. Plus, there’s a bonus: Even if you have an artificial tree, you can still enjoy the aroma of an evergreen.
3. Write in a gratitude journal
When you practice gratitude, your stress level decreases, and your outlook improves. It’s such a simple yet effective way to feel better. Every morning or during another quiet part of your day, sit with a pen and notebook, and write down five things you’re grateful for that day. They don’t have to be big things. Even listing something as small as a good cup of coffee will do.
4. Crank up the volume and grab your broom
Since you have to tidy up for your guests anyway, you may as well make it fun and festive. Put together a list of your favorite holiday music and clean with some of Mrs. Meyer’s Orange Clove Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. You’ll be immersed in the cheery sounds and warm, citrusy smells of the holiday season, which will help you forget that you’re just doing your chores.
5. Take a walk
If you’re a walker, you know how addicting it can be. Walking helps to clear your mind and lighten your mood. If you find you’re feeling down this holiday season, bundle up and head outside for a short walk. In as little as 15 minutes, you’ll find your steps are a bit lighter. For bonus mood-supporting benefits, stroll through a forested area rather than a city street.
6. Include mindfulness in your daily routines
It’s easy to get swept away in your daily ruminations, especially during the holidays when you’re trying to balance everyday life with the festivities. To slow down, perform your tasks mindfully. Engage all your senses as often as possible. For example, when you do the dishes, feel the warm water on your hands, listen to the clink and clank of the plates, and enjoy the smell of holiday scents, like the minty and vanilla accents in Mrs. Meyer’s Peppermint Dish Soap.
7. Stretch your body
Have you ever stayed in bed for a few minutes after waking up and really stretched from head to toe? If so, then you’re probably familiar with that tingling relief you feel throughout your body afterward. Stretching can be incredibly relaxing. It’s the perfect way to grab a self-care snippet in the middle of your day. Take just five to 10 minutes to stretch different parts of your body.
8. Make a cup of tea and grab your favorite book
You can’t be on the move all the time. Sometimes you need to take a break. As you’re wrapping up a work call or cleaning up after dinner, start brewing a cup of tea or another favorite beverage. Once it’s ready, sit down with a book or magazine, and take 20 minutes of downtime before you perform your next chore or work task. It’s a great way to recharge.
9. Take a warm bath
If you have more than just a few minutes, taking a nice, warm bath may be just what you need. As you’re drawing your bath, incorporate some special touches to make it even more relaxing. You can apply a face mask and play some relaxing music. You can also add a holiday twist by lighting a Mrs. Meyer’s Snowdrop Soy Candle to enjoy a fresh and floral scent.
10. Perform a digital detox
The holidays can be joyful, but they can also bring up some tougher emotions. If you’re feeling a little down and hop on social media, make sure you’re following uplifting people and companies. They’ll give you the positive boost you need. Meanwhile, unfollow any anxiety-inducing accounts. They aren’t worth your time or angst. Remember to be on the lookout for some natural living accounts too.
Article adapted from Live Naturally.