This is an “At Risk” Group for Viruses

diabetes blood draw
Nearly all Type 2 Diabetics have a compromised immune system.
As such they are much more prone to illness.  Today more than 114 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes.  The economic ramifications of this alone are enormous.  In 2019 the United States spent $350 billion treating this condition.


One of the best strategies to beat COVID-19 is to get underlying, chronic health conditions like this under control naturally.  This can often be successfully addressed and reversed by diet, proper nutrition and lifestyle change.


Type 2 Diabetes is a diet-originated condition.  It is often rooted in insulin resistance and faulty leptin signals, caused by chronic elevated insulin and leptin levels.  This is partly why it can be addressed through diet and lifestyle.


Research has shown fasting and a cyclical ketogenic diet can improve insulin sensitivity and actually reverse diabetes.  Moderate physical exercise is also important as this enhances insulin mediated systems, including muscular and cellular systems that process sugar.  This enhances your cells’ ability to accept insulin.  Conversely, it reduces insulin resistance.


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– Richard Sowerby, DC
(taken in part from PBS)

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