Important COVID-19 Update from Clear Choice Natural Healthcare

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I wanted to keep you informed on the latest information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our operations.
Our patient’s health and safety has always been our number one priority, now more than ever. It is an honor that you have chosen our clinic to assist you with your health goals.


We strive to work hard to provide you and your loved ones the highest quality of alternative health care whether you are an existing patient, a new patient or a potential patient.


With changes happening in the world, our nation, and our state, I wanted to update you on our Practice’s Safety Compliance Policy.


1. Our office hours are.
  • 9am-1 pm; 3pm-6:30pm; M, W, F
  • 9am-1pm Tuesdays, and Saturday Mornings by Appointment only
We are following state and local regulations. Our care is essential for people in our community to stay and remain healthy.


We have also implemented the following:
We disinfect using hydrogen peroxide spray after each patient. Staff wears masks. Only
one patient is allowed at a time in the reception area. A set of health questions are asked
upon entering our clinic.


2. If you are sick, have traveled or suspect exposure to Covid-19, we will do a phone appointment with you. We will provide Nutrition Coaching, as well as natural stress management techniques, immune boosting tips, nutritional supplement recommendations and more!


3. Tell all your friends, family and coworkers what we do and that we can help them by checking the strength of their immune system. Until further notice and as time permits we are donating our time to provide this service to help people in our community. Tell everyone you know to get checked. People with strong immune systems do not get sick. This is the best way to stop the spread of any virus like the Coronavirus.


4. The best way to avoid contracting this virus is to keep your immune system strong. A
supported immune system can help ward off germs and fight any potential germs you may
have already contacted. We have several Immune Enhancing Protocols and Packages to help strengthen your immune system and your whole body. We also provide additional services including Chiropractic and Nutritional Coaching.


Our commitment to you and our community is to always do our best to help keep you and
your loved ones educated and informed on factual health issues to help you achieve and
maintain optimal health and wellness. We will be keeping you updated on changes as they occur.


For now, stay informed, be healthy and positive!


Richard Sowerby, D.C.
Clear Choice Natural Healthcare
(248) 879-1900


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