Survival Tips for the Holidays

Healthy eaters can often find the holiday season difficult to navigate. There are parties to attend, extra holiday stress, and an abundance of sweets that make it easy to fall into unhealthy habits. Here are a few tips that will help you make it through the holiday madness.


1. Pay Attention to Breakfast – Filling up on a portion packed, healthy breakfast can help stabilize your metabolism and make it easier to resist sugary treats.


2. Move More – Exercise balances hormones and makes you feel happy. Lowering stress levels through exercise will help keep you on the right track.


3. Eat Before You Go – Filling up on a sensible meal before the party will help you make the right choices once you arrive.


4. Use the 3-Bite Rule – As long as the food doesn’t trigger any sensitivities, it’s fine to take three polite bites then put the fork down. That’s enough to taste your best friend’s cheesecake, but not derail your diet.


5. Get Some Downtime – Ever notice that you tend to get sick when you’re the most stressed? That’s not a coincidence! Stress and sleep deprivation can cause a spike in hormones that weaken your immune system and make you feel hungry and cranky. Set aside some time to relax.


Article adapted from Rodale Wellness.

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