Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Winter

Did you know that elevated levels of CO2 can be detrimental to human health and cognition? When your guests arrive for the holidays, more people are sharing the same amount of air in the closed environment of your home. Your gas oven, fireplace and range burners also use up Oxygen for fuel. During the cooler season, we are prone to spending more time indoors. Here are a few ways to improve your mental stamina this winter and breathe healthy!


1. Open at least two windows for cross-ventilation. If you open one window on a lower floor, and one upstairs, you’ll create a natural draft between the lower and upper windows, helping to promote effective air movement.


2. Turn on the exhaust fans. Pulling air out of the house will force fresh air in through the path of least resistance. This could be through an open window or through all the leaks in your home envelope like around windows, doors, the attic hatch, and recessed lights.


3. If you have a gas oven, try to cook as much as you can before the guests arrive.


4. If you have a recirculating range hood fan (one that pulls air up from the range then filters it and exhausts it back into the kitchen), upgrade to a system that ducts the air to the outdoors.


5. Purchase a CO2 meter and keep track of your home’s indoor air quality.


Article adapted from Mother Earth News.

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