6 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

The holidays are loaded with sweet and savory comfort foods. The good news is, you can still enjoy Thanksgiving without overindulging. Put these six tips into practice and have a fantastic holiday!
1. Make sure your plate is colorful and full of veggies.

Keep it heavy on the vegetables when you fill up your plate from the buffet. If you can, try to choose from an array of fresh, grilled, or roasted vegetables like beets, carrots, Brussels sprouts, or cauliflower. Turkey can also be a healthy part of the Thanksgiving meal, but opt for meat with no skin.


2. Keep starchy veggies to the size of an ice cream scoop.


Although it might be tempting to load up your plate with starchy mashed or sweet potatoes, try to keep the starch-heavy vegetables to the size of an ice cream scoop or less, leaving room for other nutrient-dense produce.
3. Avoid heavy traditional recipes when you can.
Many classic Thanksgiving recipes feature hefty amounts of added sugar and cream, so either avoid them if you can, or if you’re cooking, try a lighter option. For example, add more vegetables to stuffing, use milk or milk alternative instead of heavy cream, or maybe forego the marshmallows on top of your sweet potatoes.
4. If you’re not hosting, offer to bring some healthy dishes that you enjoy.
If you’re not cooking, bring what you want to eat. Consider showing up with a plate of roasted vegetables or a winter fruit salad.
5. Try not to drink your calories.
It might be tempting to sip on cider throughout the meal, but if you’re looking keep sugar at a minimum, limit the amount of alcoholic or other sugary beverages you consume at Thanksgiving. Try having one glass of cider or wine, and sipping on water or seltzer during the rest of the meal.
6. After the meal, move around.
After the meal, don’t forget to move! Take a refreshing stroll outside, play a game of football in the yard, or play with your pets.


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