5 Ways to Avoid an Unhealthy Halloween

It doesn’t have to be scary to watch your health this Halloween! Here are five easy things to keep in mind for you and your family to keep up the good health this Halloween season.
1. Eat before you (trick or) treat
Before heading out for trick or treating, eat dinner and talk to your kids about their trick or treating strategy. Kids won’t be as tempted to snack when they are full and know that they shouldn’t indulge between houses. Do not drive kids from house to house, let them get some excercise instead. Once kids arrive home, allow them to pick out one or two of their favorite treats to snack on.
Parents who worry about their kids eating Halloween candy could try the Halloween Fairy method, also called
the Switch Witch or Great Pumpkin.
It’s like the tooth fairy: Your kids set out at least some of their candy before they go to bed. The fairy, witch or pumpkin comes in the middle of the night, takes it and leaves behind something they want, like a toy or tickets to something they want to do.
2. Trick or drink
Adults passing out candy or attending Halloween parties might be tempted by mulled wine, pumpkin ale or hot toddies instead of candy. Try a skinnier glass to trick yourself into drinking less. Scientists at Iowa State University watched how much people pour and learned people struggle to assess volume, tending to focus more on the vertical rather than the horizontal measures.
3. Zombie-proof your face
The CDC suggests testing face paint on a small area on your arm. That way you can see if it irritates your skin before you slather it everywhere. Make sure to read the packaging and avoid sensitive areas if instructed. Throw away makeup that smells bad, as it may be contaminated. Disinfect masks with alcohol before wearing.
4. Just because Michael Jackson wore them …
Color contacts made Michael Jackson look extra spooky in “Thriller,” but unless you’ve got a prescription, don’t wear them. Optometrists warn the contacts aren’t one-size-fits-all. If lenses don’t fit properly, they can suffocate the eye, causing irritation and infection.
5. Don’t let chocolate go to the dogs
Store Halloween candy somewhere that the pets are unable to reach it. Chocolate can be deadly to dogs and cats. Pet insurance company Petplan sees 25% more claims during Halloween — more than any other week in the year. If pets do get hold of chocolate, call your vet immediately. The ASPCA has a poison hot line, too: (888) 426-4435.
Article adapted from CNN


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