Food Planning Principles

As the school year kicks off, many family schedules shift to a different routine. Here are some meal planning staples to help keep your family eating healthy through the school year and beyond.
Paramount Principle: Eat whole, naturally-raised foods. Whenever possible, produce should be organically grown and animal products should be raised on an organic diet without added hormones or antibiotics.
It is important to cook foods in a way that is easily digestible and nutritionally beneficial to the body. Use traditional fats and oils such as butter, lard, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. Other oils such as canola, vegetable oil, or soy oils are likely to be grown with chemicals and genetically modified.
Lacto-fermented foods such as kombucha, pickles, and kraut are a good addition to every meal. They aid in the production of healthy gut flora and provide the body with necessary minerals.
Sprouts and bone broths supplement the diet with healing nutrients and minerals. See the recipe for bone broth below!


Article adapted from Weston A. Price.

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