Easy DIY Dust Busting Spray

Have you been spring cleaning? Avoid toxic chemicals by making your own cleaning products! This dust busting spray is easy and smells lovely.
Here’s what you’ll need:
* A 16oz spray bottle
* 1 cup of filtered water
* ¼ cup of infused white vinegar (see instructions below)
* 2 TB olive oil
* 15 drops essential oil of choice. (lemon, sweet orange, or cedar smell lovely!)
This recipe makes about 11oz of spray.

To make an infused vinegar, simply peel one whole lemon or orange (or other preferred citrus like lime or grapefruit) and place the clean peels into a mason jar. Next, cover the peels with at least a quarter inch of white vinegar and allow it to macerate for a few days. Strain and store in a mason jar for future cleaning recipes. Be sure to label the jar so you know what’s in it.

After the vinegar has infused, it should smell like a lemon drop. Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle, and give it a shake. You can use the spray for dusting all surfaces. If you will be using the spray on older wood, add a touch more oil to help moisturize it.

Article adapted from Holistic Health Herbalist.

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