9 Ideas for a Heathy New Years Resolution

Jump into gear this new year with a healthy resolution! Here are a few suggestions to help you get on the path to good health in 2017.

1. Work Out More At Home: You can easily re-create your favorite workout class at home, giving yourself the opportunity to exercise more frequently.

2. Unplug: Give yourself a few hours each week to e-tox (technology detox). Turn off your phone, computer, and television. This can help you regain control and focus on day-to-day life.

3. Eat More Fat: Fish, pasture raised meats, eggs, nut butters and more are full of healthy fats that your body needs. Make a resolution to get more good fats in your diet!

4. Drink More Water: Avoid the detriment of dehydration by drinking enough water each day. Everybody is different, but 64 ounces daily is a good general guideline. Try fruit infused water for a tasty twist!

5. Adopt a Meatless Monday Tradition: One day a week, go all vegetarian. Feel free to ask our staff about healthy meal suggestions at your next appointment!

6. Skip the Processed Foods: Stick to the grocery aisles around the perimeter of the store and steer clear of processed foods.

7. Load Up on Vegetables: Make an effort to fill at least half your plate up with healthy veggies – especially dark leafy greens. Vegetables are full of nutritional benefits and will keep you from eating the parts of dinner that aren’t so good for you.

8. Pay it Forward: Remember that simple acts of kindness can brighten anyone’s day. Make an effort to put smiles on the faces of those around you every day. Hold a door, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line, and spread the love!

9. Grow Your Own Herb Garden: Herbs can compliment almost every healthy dish. Instead of heading to the grocery store for basil, parsley, and your other favorite herbs, grow them organically at home!

Article adapted from Rodale Wellness.

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