The Bottom Line

When folks hear the term “Chiropractic” what frequently comes to mind are things like the spine, the joints, the nerves, drugless, etc.  Actually, Chiropractic embraces things “natural” and drug-free.  As such, our standard American diet begs to be addressed, as that underlies nearly every condition in the body. A healthy diet consists of food that has traditionally provided our bodies with needed nutrients.  Namely, that means eating real food. When you eat a variety of real food you are consuming protein, fats and complex carbohydrates the way Mother Nature delivered them. Most man made products that some refer to as food is highly processed and is not real food.
Bodies that run on real food and nutritional supplements that come from real food get all of the components of the food. That includes macro nutrients, micro nutrients such as vitamin, minerals, enzymes and other components.  This is often referred to as complex food (natural, whole food). Our bodies thrive on complex food and will function at a higher level when fueled with honest nutrition. Additionally, real food eaten regularly supplies the raw materials needed for repair and the healing of any organ in the body.
If this sounds a bit simplistic please realize that most things that yield great natural results start by building on simple truths.

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