Tips to Have a Healthy Summer Road Trip

Are there any road trips in your future? Whether you’re heading out on a cross country excursion or a shorter trip, be prepared for everything that you’ll need on the road.
1) Prepack Your Car: Fluids pool in your spinal disks while you sleep, making your lower back tight and sensitive to irritation when you first wake up. Avoid lifting heavy luggage in the morning – pack the night before.
2) Prepack Your Food: Prepare a cooler full of fun, healthy snacks and drinks for the road. You’ll stay more alert and less fatigued.
3) Plan Your Pitstops: It is important to get up and move your body around every two hours. Plan pitstops around mealtimes so you can relax while eating and snack less while driving.
4) Adjust Your Position: Tilting your rear view mirror up slightly can help stop the driver from slouching.
5) Plan Some Vacation Exercise: Don’t let a break in your routine stop you from stretching and exercising every day. Go for a hike, take a swim, or travel the city by foot.
Article adapted from Rodale Wellness.

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