How To Pack A Clean Lunch


Lunch can be one of the tougher meals to stick with your clean eating diet. If you’re out and about, it’s easy to grab fast food or cafeteria food. We recommend bringing lunch from home if possible. Home-packed lunches allow you to be confident of all ingredients that went into your meal.

1. Always Include Protein: Protein will help you stay full for a longer period of time and round out the nutrition of your meal.

2. Don’t Skip Snacks: Toss a few nutritious snacks into your bag, so that you don’t end up at the vending machine. Hummus, rice crackers, veggie sticks, fruit, yogurt, and trail mix are easy to bring along!

3. Hydrate: Bring a large bottle of filtered or purified water with you. You’ll be less tempted to purchase sugary drinks.

4. Go Random: Consider all of the ingredients in your kitchen, them use them to create your own “kitchen sink” soup or salad.

5. Get Unconventional: Keep lunch interesting! Bring lettuce wraps, rice wraps, a stuffed pepper, a sauté, a baked potato loaded with veggies, or any other unique lunch you can think of.

Article adapted from Rodale Wellness.

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