5 Food Rules for Earth Day

earth day

There are many ways to help protect the planet, but dietary changes are one of the most effective means of reducing our carbon footprint. Did you know that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions? That’s more than the combined exhaust from all transportation! Here are 5 ways to help our planet through dietary changes this Earth day.

1. Look for Green Meat – If possible, source your meat from a local farmer and opt for poultry or livestock that have been raised on the pasture. These animals consume less energy to produce and emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions. They are also tastier and better for your well-being.

2. Eat Meatless on Mondays – If everyone in the U.S. ate meatless one day a week, it would be the environmental equivalent of not driving 91 billion miles! There are plenty of protein-packs vegetarian options available, like the recipe below.

3. Eat Organic and Local – Organic farming systems do not require as much fossil fuel energy as conventional systems. If managed correctly, organic farms will also contribute to better soils and more biodiversity. Local foods do not have to travel as far and do not require as much packaging as their far-away counterparts.

4. Rely on the Perfect Egg – Pastured eggs provide a triple benefit to people and the planet. Eggs are among the most eco-friendly animal protein sources, creating about six times less greenhouse-gas pollution than beef. Eggs are also packed with essential fats and one of the most complete sources of protein.

5. Waste Not Want Not – Food waste in the U.S. has reached staggering proportions, with 1,400 calories of food wasted per person per day. It takes a lot of oil to grow all that food-185 million barrels every year. Plan your meals to utilize leftovers as much as possible, then compost the rest.

Article adapted from Rodale Wellness.

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