Three Cheers for Campbell’s!

Campbell’s Soup Company has announced that in an effort towards providing what their customers want, they will be labeling all products containing GMO’s. This follows their July 2015 announcement to remove all MSG from children’s condensed soups and phase out GM ingredients in the kids soup line.


When American shoppers pick up food in the grocery store, they usually have no way of knowing if any ingredients came from potentially harmful crops designed to tolerate insecticides and herbicides on the genetic level.


Transparency from such a large food company is a big step in the movement for honest labeling. Campbell’s will also be making a push towards federal legislation that will require other companies to label GMO’s.


The state of Vermont has a GMO labeling law that will go into effect July 2016. They are the first state to lead the way on this issue.


You can help support the GMO labeling movement by voting with your dollar. Only buy products containing organic corn, soy, or sugar as these are the most common GM food items. There are also thousands of Non GMO verified products already on the market. Find them at

Article adapted from Natural News.

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