Have You Ever Noticed…?

addiction-71573_1280…how the latest medical/pharmaceutical research often disproves, invalidates and debunks their earlier research on the same subject?  And that their earlier research was scientifically irrefutable at the time it was introduced?  Then, interestingly enough, along with this new research that nullifies their earlier research, is a brand new drug poised for a splashy introduction.  And this new drug supposedly addresses all of the points raised in the latest research.

If you’ve had an interest in alternative health care you many have noticed how the conventional medical/pharmaceutical establishment will not miss an opportunity to discredit, deny, and distort findings that contradict the medical status quo.  This occurs even when those “alternative” health care facts have been proven in study after study after study.

The reasons are not difficult to see.  The modern pharmaceutical industry is a multinational, multibillion dollar industry that is based on selling drugs.  Drugs mask symptoms, alter function, cause side effects and don’t fix anything.

Remember this: nutrition HEALS and REPAIRS the body – always has, always will.  The connection between what is being sold as “food” to the incidence of malfunction and disease is well beyond the proof stage.  It has become painfully obvious to nearly everyone.

Nutrition, designed therapeutic nutritional supplements and chiropractic do not involve the use of drugs.   Pharmaceutical companies can’t patent whole food or whole food nutritional supplements.  But they can patent drugs.  You connect the dots.


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