You Might Just Have a Mental Disorder

Citing an article in the Guardian newspaper, Natural News recently reported that “In its never-ending attempt to fabricate ‘mental disorders’ out of every human activity, the psychiatric industry is now pushing the most ridiculous disease they’ve invented yet: “Healthy Eating Disorder.”

Sadly, this is not a joke.  This so-called condition, orthorexia nervosa, is said to affect an equal number of men and women.  “Sufferers” tend to be over 30, middle-class and well-educated.  This group has considerations on such things as sugar, caffeine, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, genetically modified foods and dairy.  Additionally, they often avoid processed foods which they consider to be “artificial.”  One treatment facility states that the orthorexia nervosa disease can progress into a serious eating disorder that can lead to (among other complications) “regular advance planning of meals for the next day.”

According to one “expert” from the National Center for Eating Disorders, this disorder is everywhere and is being proliferated by trainers, nutritionists, dieticians and naturopaths who believe in curing problems through natural methods.

Another treatment facility for this “disorder” states in its behavior profile that sufferers have concerns over the relationship between food choices and health concerns, such as asthma, allergies, digestive problems and anxiety.  They go on to state that these people may avoid certain foods due to food allergies, without medical advice.  These folks also have a noticeable increase in the consumption of supplements and herbal remedies.

Apparently the unspoken message here is that those who eat junk food are Ok.  They’re “normal.”   They’re “sane.”

In reality, de-vitalized, dead and devoid of nutrients food reduces your health, increases degenerative conditions, increases mental confusion and reduces quality of life.

On the flipside of the coin, those who eat a diet rich in real and whole food are noticeably healthier, have far less physical complaints and have an emotional stability that many junk food eaters do not have.

This is another example of the TRUE insanity that is taking place in our food supply and health care system.  It has become increasingly apparent that the FDA has become a rogue agency that is out of control.

Don’t ever be intimidated by the tactics of the FDA or the psychiatric industry who rely on money and junk science for their authority.

Think of our office as an island of sanity.  We will always provide you with true and reliable information.  We welcome those with “Healthy Eating Disorder” to our drug-free office.

~Dr. Richard Sowerby, D.C.
Certified Master, Nutrition Response Testing


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