What Does “Natural” Mean on a Food Label

Eating processed foods will affect your quality of life AND your wallet. 

Inferior food ingredients with chemicals added to preserve and enhance the taste may cost less now, but your quality of life will suffer and it will cost more in the long run when your health is challenged to the point of requiring medical intervention.

So, just how do you know what is quality food?  Reading food labels is a must, but the best quality foods don’t even have a label.  “Natural” is seen more and more on food labels, but what does it mean?  Arsenic is natural, but I really don’t want to add that to my plate!

Honestly, “Natural” is not regulated by the FDA and really has no standard definition on food labels.  You have probably seen “Natural” or “All-Natural” ice cream, potato chips, even soda!  We all know those are junk foods and do more to ruin your health instead of feeding your body.

Some of the predominant health concerns of today – Cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes – have been shown to have connections to the modern diet.

What are the guidelines for choosing good quality food?


·pesticides ·chemical fertilizers

·growth hormones ·antibiotics

·artificial ingredients ·preservatives

·and long ingredient lists

(Often non-food additives

are hidden in the fine print

and sometimes unpronounceable words!)


·fresh, whole food

·vegetables and fruits

·lean meats ·whole grains

(“Whole wheat” on a label does not necessarily mean it was made with whole grains!).  Foods that don’t have ingredient lists are best, (Thanks Mother Nature!)  Organic is even better!

Know what you are eating!  Ignore the featured front food label and look at the ingredient list.  Use your hard-earned money to buy quality foods to truly feed yourself and your family.  Doing this will promote good health and lessen your visits to the doctor.

*This information has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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