“Our purpose is to get as many people, as possible, better without drugs or surgery.”

Many of today’s complaints (such as chronic fatigue, PMS, acid reflux, allergies and more) are successfully addressed by balancing your body chemistry using nutrition.  At our office you can choose to integrate chiropractic care and nutritional therapy into a combined program for more of a complete holistic approach.

As a leader in nutritional healing and alternative health care, our goal is to treat the source of the condition, not the symptoms, and to help you achieve fast, long-lasting results.

We work with you to provide the results you want!      Young Couple with Two Children (8-12) Walking on the Beach

Below is a list of services we offer:

  • Nutrition Response TestingSM
  • Nutritional Counseling & Therapy
  • Advanced Allergy Clearing
  • Preventative Care
  • Latest in Chiropractic Technology
  • X-Ray Facilities
  • Education Seminars
  • Same Day Emergency Chiropractic Care
  • Standard Process and other whole food supplements

We value your interest in achieving a healthy lifestyle and body by using natural, nutrient-rich foods and supplements.


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We offer education and resources to our patients.
Most patients come to us because they want relief from an unwanted condition.
After surveying our patients we learned they appreciate the level of
doctor-patient communication that occurs in our office
It is easier to follow advice when you understand something and how it will help you.

We offer FREE workshops for our patients and the interested public.
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Watch our documentary featuring our very own Dr. Sowerby.

Processed Foods: A Malnourishment Epidemic feat. Dr. Sowerby

Produced by: Marcie Nido

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