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Chiropractor/Clinical Nutritionist in Troy, MI

“Our purpose is to get as many people, as possible, better without drugs or surgery.”

Many of today’s complaints (such as chronic fatigue, PMS, acid reflux, allergies and more) are successfully addressed by balancing your body chemistry using nutrition. At our office you can choose to integrate chiropractic care and nutritional therapy into a combined program for more of a complete holistic approach.

As a leader in nutritional healing and alternative health care, our goal is to treat the source of the condition, not the symptoms, and to help you achieve fast, long-lasting results. We work with you to provide the results you want!

Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist in Troy, MI

We offer FREE workshops for our patients and the interested public.


Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist in Troy, MI

Below is a list of services we offer:

Nutrition Response Testing ®

Nutritional Counseling & Therapy

Advanced Allergy Clearing

Preventative Care

Latest in Chiropractic Technology

X-Ray Facilities

Education Seminars

Same Day Emergency Chiropractic Care

Standard Process and other whole food supplements


I had chronic backache and headaches, but I just kept going. I endured the pain and didn’t complain. I took aspirin, but with only limited success. I finally decided that I did not want to live with the pain anymore! Since I came to see Dr. Sowerby I am virtually pain-free!


Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had a stiff neck, sore back and I had trouble walking. I found it difficult to play sports and running was not easy. I tried weight lifting, saw another chiropractor and took ibuprofen for the pain, all with little success. Then I came to see Dr. Sowerby and in the second week of treatment everything loosened up. Now I feel good and have no pain in my back. I feel I can do anything. I don’t get stiff after sports or a long day at work


Before I came to Dr. Sowerby I had digestive issues, I was cold and my energy was low. Within 6 weeks I noticed a change for the better. Now I feel strong! I have had a 1000% improvement with my digestive issues! I am warmer, I sleep better and my energy is good. I absolutely recommend Dr. Sowerby!

N.B.Bloomfield Hills

Just wait until I tell my doctor [MD]! He kept telling me it was all in my head! I told him I would get bloated after eating. It has only been one week and already I feel better. I noticed a difference in just 2 days after starting [Nutrition Response Testing].


I used to buy the cheap glasses from the drugstore and I kept them in every room. I wouldn’t be able to read the menus in restaurants and I had a hard time reading documents that I had to sign. I began doing [Nutrition Response Testing] and now I don’t need those glasses at all! I am so happy!


I constantly had sinus headaches, was lacking in energy and I didn’t always sleep well throughout the night. I came to Dr. Sowerby and he helped me to eat the correct foods without sugar and now I have more energy. It is only very seldom that I have sinus problems or headaches. I am sleeping better at night and I feel more rested!

G.K.Shelby Township

I was diagnosed with a hypo thyroid and had been on a prescription for 10 years. I was tired, lethargic, completely exhausted, drained and lacked energy. After I came to Dr. Sowerby the change was like night and day! I wake up refreshed and am mentally alert. I feel so much better!


What Dr. Sowerby gave me for my congestion really worked! He is a miracle worker!

P.N.Shelby Township

We value your interest in achieving a healthy lifestyle and body by using natural, nutrient-rich foods and supplements.

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